can you sell gift cards on sale section?

    I have just traded in my ps3 and bits for a gift card, am i allowed to sell it? I have read the rules and cant see anything except money exchange which I dont think counts,

    Am i correct?




    Yes you can sell gift cards and vouchers as long as they are 'physical' not e vouchers. So yes you can sell your gift card.
    Id report this thread now though as you have to wait 7 days from mentioning it in here before you can sell it but Im not sure if that rule will apply as you haven't stated what store its for or the amount, so report this to a mod and ask

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    thanks will do


    As above, if you can show it's a tangible item it can be listed for sale / trade and as you've not specified what card it is and only made a general enquiry you could list it immediately in the trade forum, thanks again

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