Can you sell on here digital copy's of films that come in with the blu rays and EA online passes

    All I want to know is if you can sell an online pass for a game, like EA Need for speed hot pursuit etc.

    And if you can sell the digital copy that comes in blu rays like saw 7



    Wouldn't have thought so due to not having a RRP

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    do the EA online passes not have a rrp on EA's website? or PSN


    don't know about the digital copy but it has been mentioned before so do a search and you should get the answer

    The online pass, if its a physical item that you can post you can (if it has an RRP), otherwise no as far as I'm aware

    Attach to something physical which has RRP and mention you get blah blah free and price it accordingly

    the online code you may be better off selling on ebay, i put up a buy it now for £6 for a fifa 11 manual with an unused online code and ebay didnt pull it, sold it the day after listing for £5 best offer and buyer just wanted me to pm the code so i dropped the postage costs.

    not sure if you could do the same with the digital version

    Codes can only be sold if they have a physical voucher and usually a RRP (bought from a retailer e.g amazon) so most likely no.

    Digital copies are not allowed to be sold.

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    Cheers adam
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