Can you stack a Dryer on top of Washing Machine?

Found 25th Jan
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Yes you can but you will need to get a special joining bracket so that they don't keep falling off due to vibration.
directly, id say no due to vibrations, weight and other stuff.
if its divided by a countertop, that would work
I’ve done this before and know other people that have done it too so I can’t see why not. A tumble dryer is quite light compared to the weight of a washing machine and can still function well on top.
We have. No problem
If you did I would put a art board of wood on top first to spread the load, also if you have small children or a small pet\dog maybe it is not worth the risk. Would not like the idea that vibration from an unbalanced washing load sent the tumble dryer crashing to the ground and a small child was nearby.
wayners11 m ago

We have. No problem

Us too.
Get a universal tumble dryer stacking kit off EBay
just picked that one at random for you to read how it works etc but can find them cheaper around £14 with free delivery.
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We've got ours stacked using a wpro kit that has the base plate and a rachet strap. Wouldn't like to try it without though.
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We have done this lots , in cupboards but we put a solid worktop above the washing machine on brackets so it’s not sitting on the washing machine. Then put the dryer on top of the work top .
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