Can you still buy Potato Puffs?

Found 1st Jun 2009
I have such a craving right now!

The beef ones were lovely but I also like the Cheese and Tomato ones too.

So lovely and so low in calories. Been searching high and low with no luck :-(
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Yeah im sure you can I had some not a while back, they don't taste the same though.
ohhh I haven't thought about these in years - now I'm craving too!
i used to love chutney flavoured outer spacers, any one remember them? mmmm
Not seen them in shops in years but available online as someone already linked up.

To find in shops,I would suggest the £ shops if you don't want to buy online.
omg had fogotten about them but now its mentioned i want some yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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