Can you still buy Walls Feast?

Found 22nd May 2015
I haven't seen these in the supermarkets or 'freezer' food shops for ages it seems. Could just do with one now but only the chocolate one rather than the mint :-) If not the original Walls Feasts, does anywhere else do a similar lolly? Thanks in advance peeps and have a good long weekend.
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They're a lot smaller nowadays, more of a nibble than a feast.
I used to make them when I left school I got a summer job at treats ice cream in leeds, many many years ago used to get big box's of damages for a couple of quid mint ones were always my favourite. ..
Yep tesco sell them too individually
I seem to recall seeing boxes with 3 or 4 Walls ones last summer in a Morrison's supermarket freezer aisle, but I would stake my life on my memory being correct (it isn't what it used to be). However, in the same supermarket they also did own brand variety boxes which contained a very good approximation of a Walls Feast. (Outer chocolate too thin, inner chocolate lump too small, but it tasted good). Was something like £3 for the box. We pick those up every summer, have done for the past few years, so I know that memory is real.
farmfoods sell them too if you have one near
co op sell them individually in the little walls ice lolly freezer near tills. had one today
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