Can you still buy Windows XP?

    Were looking for a cheap but legal copy of windows XP for our admin machine.
    it came with Vista which is not working out with every other machine.
    anyone know where we can look.

    oh and paypal acceptance would be a huge plus.



    you should post this as a WANTED thread in For sale/for trade. Make sure you get COA and licence sticker. Ebay does them cheap too.

    Original Poster

    sorry, it was meant as a quick question and ended up as a deal request didn't it.

    shall put it in the other forum

    Which version of Vista is it? If it's Vista Business or Ultimate you can legally run XP without using another license.


    Technically yes you can. You buy Windows Vista business and it should be a backwards compatible license, so you can install XP instead.

    However I would recommend you speak to your local PC shop about it rather than buy anything off Ebay

    edit: See here:…yes

    Original Poster

    ohhh, I didn't know that.
    will check but I think it's business.

    got it from dabs, so shall call them.

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