Can you still change an old £20 Note at a bank?

Found 19th Jul 2013
Went to pay at the bar, got told it was an old style 20 and could not be accepted. Can i exchange this for a newer one at a bank or anywhere else? Thanks
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This is the style of note i have.
yh you should be able to
Yes I found a couple of these recently in a cupboard and took them to the Halifax, we do have a bank account there, and they took them off us no problem and we paid them into our account. I had also tried to use one in a shop and they wouldn't accept it and I hadn't realised it was an old one. Hope this helps.
Thanks guys
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Someone in front of me in Barclays had some old notes the other day and they refused to do anything with them - the person got told they had to send them to the bank of England for reimbursement!
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I swapped £6000 of these last year at my local Santander, had to pay into my account, no probs
WTF this is the first I I've heard of old notes, is it just these? Anyone got a link for a list

WTF this is the first I I've heard of old notes, is it just these? Anyone … WTF this is the first I I've heard of old notes, is it just these? Anyone got a link for a list

Old notes, and even coins are taken out of circulation most of the time automatically by the bank when shops or people cash old notes into their accounts. We're usually given several months notice to 'get rid' of old notes that we're hoarding under the bed

Generally, if you start to see a new design on the money you're being given, the older style IS being removed from circulation.

Say a shop takes £2000 in to the bank, using old style £20 notes. The bank will issue £2000 new style notes for the cash machines with the old style notes being destroyed.

If you have concerns or questions about the cut off date for using old style notes, talk to your bank and they should be able to tell you the last date that the Bank of England and the Royal mint authorise it as legal tender, and more importantly the last date YOUR bank will accept it with monetary value.

This is probably the best place to get the information outside of your bank.

It's also worth noting, that the Bank of England will ALWAYS honor the face value of it's money, even long after it's out of circulation. You can post it to them, or hand it in person at the Bank of England in London.
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Ooh a old note some post a picture please ?!?
Just had the same thing, found some old £20 notes. Barclays bank still accepts those (2015 July), had to pay into my account.
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