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Can you swap mobile numbers between 2 contracts?

Posted 23rd Jun 2013
I have 2 contracts on Vodafone and would like to swap numbers between the two of them as one has more minutes and texts. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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O2 didnt do it for me.
No you can't
Vodafone would give you the best answer to that question surely..?
when you transfer your no. with out replacing it with another number you effectively cancel your contract unless you replace with another number then you will auto lose first number
Why not just change tarrif?
Short answer, no.

Long answer, possibly depending on how much you're spending with Vodafone.

I've found they have one of the best customer services teams in the business, if you can get past the first line drones.

Explain what you want, you might just get a swap, you might have to extend your contracts by 12 months.

There are other ways around this, what do you actually want to do and why.

As for most options, vodafone friends/family and call forwarding would probably fix things, if you want more incoming calls to one number and outgoing for the other.
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