Can you take animals on a bus ?

As title.
I am wanting to go to Hull from Grimsby by bus to pick up a kitten. If the kitten is in a closed pet carrier will I be OK taking him with me ?. What are peoples experiences with this ?.

Cant find a definite answer online. Only that dogs can be allowed on but at the drivers discretion. With that in mind I don't want to traval all that way. Pick up the cat only to be refused on the return trip.
Cant phone either as they are closed today. I am wanting - if able to go tomorrow morning on the earliest bus to hopefully get done and back quick before the buses start to get full.


most companies are ok, especially stagecoach who let cats free in carriers.

I've seen loads of people with dogs on leads on buses and trains,I can't see why a pet in a carrier is a problem.

I've seen dogs on buses, this is only a kitten, you can hide it in a carrier bag lol


Don't forget to post a picture of your kitten on here when you get it


Ring the bus company:-

01482 222 333

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Thanks for the info everyone. Helps the confidence of going the distance now. Only 33 miles ish or an hour and a bit each way but its still a journey that could of been worthless.

Will sort out pictures once I get him home.

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Tried ringing. No answer and message only listed Mon-Sat opening times. Think to be sure I may try to leave a little late to be able to give them a call first for confirmation.


I see no reason why not. I've seen dogs on the Stagecoach buses in Hull many times so a cat in a carrier should be fine.

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no probs as long as you keep the carrier on your knee and not on the seat

Take some handwipes or clean up cloths tho just in case the kitten doesnt travel well ..... ours are always sick if they travel so dont be caught out on the bus or you definitely wont be too popular !!
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Already thought of clean up. Going to have a towel and some baby wipes in my bag just incase.
And yes about carrier on my lap.

Good luck. I hope your kitten doesn't cry all the way back! Is your cat carrier one of the ones with a solid bottom? In my experience the wicker ones or cardboard ones are not good if the kitten has an 'accident' where it's frightened. Also they can chew and scratch their way through cardboard ones on a long journey as I found out when I got my 1st kitten oO

In London you can take dogs on buses - but only one at a time so im sure thats the norm everywhere

If its in a carrier it will be fine

IMO - the kitten would be very scared on a loud bus with lots of people, personally I suggest you get a taxi as it would be a lot less stressful for both you and the kitten.


IMO - the kitten would be very scared on a loud bus with lots of people, … IMO - the kitten would be very scared on a loud bus with lots of people, personally I suggest you get a taxi as it would be a lot less stressful for both you and the kitten.

Scared cat =

My massive German Shepherd loves the bus.

He gets strange looks but he behaves.

It should be fine!!

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Thanks again for the posts guys n gals. My biggest fears are for the kitten to first be crying due to both new and strange owner and possible travel sickness.
In the end after asking I have managed to get a friend to drive me there and back. This way will atleast be quicker without all the bus stops.

Thanks again for the posts, may not be needed on this occasion but I do know now for future use to the vets .

Sounds like a good way to go, I wouldn't fancy taking a pup or kitten on the bus as it's going to be quiet daunting for them plus I'd be concerned about what they may pick up before they've had their jabs.

I took my pup up to the Cairngorms early in the year and had to take the final section by bus due to lack of parking, it was quite funny as everyone around me was sitting there holding their skis while I was holding a cocker spaniel pup on my lap.

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