Posted 12th Jun 2022 (Posted 13 h, 17 m ago)
I’m reading various responses regarding this just from Google. Some say the only thing banned is hot food/drinks.

Can anyone who’s been recently give me an indication of what is allowed? (I haven’t been to the cinema for about 3/4 years but fancy the new Top Gun film.)

My nearest cinemas are Reel, Everyman and Vue.

Thanks in advance 😃

Just to be clear I don’t think I’d take a full blown meal in. Just sweets, crisps, chocolate, maybe a drink. I don’t think I’d have the balls to take in a KFC absolutely dripping in grease or a dominos. I think that is a bit OTT and not respectful to other cinema goers who have to endure the smell etc. Thanks again everyone- very much appreciated.
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    if they say you cant eat your own snacks simply swap them with a friend!
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    everyman are pretty bad here for stopping people taking food in!
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    Took a subway sandwich meal into vue cinema a few weeks ago without question . Also have taken a McDonald’s burger meal into cineworld without any issues either
    I hope i don't end up sitting anywhere near you then ..
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    Sitting next to someone stuffing their face with a big bag of crisp or sweets just makes me want to walk out!! If your going to do that then have the curtesy of emptying them into a tub, the noise of the bag rustling away the entire film is dreadful!
    I try to rustle crisp packets or open wrappers when the movie is noisy!! so I'm not bothering anyone.

    When someone is giving a continuous dialogue during a movie (heard that a few times, though you can't quite work out where it's coming from - it's not voices in my head ) - that's pretty annoying as well.
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    Is it ok if I take a projector and speakers to a restaurant so I can watch a film while I have a meal?
    Tablet and headphones should be doable.
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    I have no problem with people eating snack/drinks etc in cinemas. But burgers or hot food etc make me nauseous
    Hey hey hey. Not everything is about you. This discussion is about food, with no restrictions. Please have some consideration for those around you and tolerate them like a good little member of society.
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    Yes, but don’t strap on a tray and start selling choc-ices to the punters during the trailers.
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    But that’s never stopped anybody, just don’t make it obvious.
    Where does it say you can't?
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    Of course you can, if you are subtle enough.
    Use a large bag of jelly babies to plug the arm of a coat, then fill the sleeve with bottles and packets, and hang it over your shoulder
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    Poole Cineworld doesn't stop anyone taking own food in, for years I've seen and smelt KFC, McDonald's ect.
    My brother got stopped taking in some Taco Bell recently! He complained about being mistreated and they gave him some free tickets (edited)
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    I always do. Not paying their ridiculous prices
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    Always take my own snacks into the cinema and never had any issues….snacks in cinemas are ridiculously over priced!
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    Yes, and you don't need to sneak them in (Odeon and Vue at least). No hot food or alcohol. (edited)
    Ooops, 2 cans of jd/coke and used to get a take out tub to buy from the Chinese buffet were my regular cinema 'snacks'.
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    Of course you can take your own food in
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    Could it be that the people you refer to are craving social interaction more than just information?
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    I also make sure that I have had a proper meal before a movie as do not want distracted by growling tum so just take a snack bar and a bottle of water for tickly coughsXD
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    Yes you can, friend is a manager at one of the chains.
    There is nothing in their rules that says you can't.
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    Of course, only frowned upon in America
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    Definitely wouldn't take hot food in and stink out the cinema - but the Cineworld I go to is next to a Poundland and you'd be a fool to pay many times more for some of the same stuff when it's much cheaper a few minutes away from the cinema.

    I usually just get a bag of crisps, J2O (don't like fizzy pop anyway!) and sweets.
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    I’ve always taken my own snacks in to the cinema right back from when I was a kid in the 80s. Absolutely of course you can take in your own bag of popcorn, fizzy drinks, crisps, etc.

    Just don’t be silly and bring in something that has a very strong smell to it (like a Chinese take away or a curry) or bring in a bottle of spirits to swig.
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    Yes you can take your own food. Just nothing that smells. Especially fish as that’s just nasty. I took along a bottle of red wine and two glasses to a Rolling Stones concert film. What would Keef do?
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    Yes. We do all the time and flask with china cups. Nothing crunchy though
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    A few years back my sister in law worked at odeon, she said there is no rule to stop people taking their own food in but people are under the impression that they aren't allowed. When I take my kids they take their own sweets and drink in, never had an issue
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    Always take my own snacks. I often grab a Subway salad on the way. Never an issue. I do take my rubbish away rather than leave it a mess like some do.

    A lot of people are saying no hot food or smelly food, but the cinemas actually sell nachos and hot dogs etc, which often stink worse than anything I could bring in!
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    Are you supposed to? No

    Can you? Yes

    Will you? YES
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    How large a home made popcorn tub can you take in ? Thats my favourite when going cinemas.
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