Can you tell me the ending of the skeleton key?

Found 9th Apr 2008
Watched this last night and fell asleep woke up this morning to find hubby has already taken it to post back. I saw the bit where she uses a potion on him and she see's someone in her mirror.

Can anyone briefly tell me what happens? Thanks
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from wikipedia:
Caroline (played by Kate Hudson) is a New Orleans hospital aide from Hoboken, New Jersey, who, after her latest patient dies, quits her unsatisfying nursing job in the city and takes a position as a private hospice caregiver at an isolated plantation house deep in the bayous of southern Louisiana's eerie, enchanting Terrebonne Parish. The lady of the house, Violet (played by Gena Rowlands) is a diffident, old-fashioned Southern matron in need of help for her husband Ben (played by John Hurt), a severely disabled stroke victim who is expected to die soon.

Violet gives Caroline a skeleton key to open every room in the house, and Caroline soon finds the mansion has a dark past. Finding her way into a secret room in the attic, Caroline discovers voodoo dolls, a book of spells, potion jars, and other macabre instruments of black magic. Violet tells Caroline that the room belonged to two black servants who had worked at the house in the 1920s. Mama Cecile (Jeryl Prescott) and her husband, Papa Justify (Ron McCall) were, in their day, renowned practitioners of hoodoo, a form of Afro-Caribbean magic native to Louisiana. But to their white employers, they were nothing more than servants, and Justify and Cecile were lynched when it was discovered that they were performing spells with the children of the house owners. Caroline dismisses Violet's fear of Justify and Cecile's ghosts dwelling in the house as superstition, but more strange events occur, piquing her curiosity about the obscure (to her) swamp religions and their relationship to the physical condition of Ben, whom she has become determined to save and restore to health

Caroline, after realizing that Violet is working harmful spells on Ben, seeks the help of the young lawyer Luke (played by Peter Sarsgaard) hired to rewrite Violet and Ben's wills. While in Luke's house, Caroline discovers clues leading to the revelation that Luke is in fact assisting Violet. Just as Caroline is about to act, Luke captures her and takes her back to the manor.

Caroline is held captive, but manages to get free and "rig" (roughly, enchant) the house with brick dust, which is said to keep away those who mean one harm. After accidentally breaking Violet's legs, Caroline snatches from Violet a piece of paper upon which is written a spell of protection and forms a protective circle around herself. Violet comes into the ritual room, and explains that "they" have been waiting for her to believe. Caroline tries to deny the fact that she now believes in hoodoo, but cannot convince herself.

Violet pushes a mirror at Caroline, which contains the image, initially of the little girl, then of the Violet and ultimately of Mama Cecile. The mirror smashes into Caroline, knocking her unconscious. Caroline then wakes up and walks over to Violet, who is barely awake. She takes Violet's cigarettes, and begins to smoke, while she utters the words "Thank you, child," revealing to the audience that the soul of Mama Cecile is now inside Caroline's body. The mirror acted as a portal, and transferred Mama Cecile's soul into Caroline's body, while placing Caroline's soul in Violet's body. Luke walks in, and it is revealed that he too is not who he claims to be. His body is possessed by the soul of Papa Justify. Ben, who was previously the host to Papa Justify's soul, is revealed to be the real Luke.

Mama Cecile (in Caroline's body) gives Caroline (in Violet's body) a liquid which causes a pseudo stroke. This prevents her from talking, so that she can't reveal the presences of Mama Cecile and Papa Justify. The film ends with "stroke" victims Violet and Ben in an ambulance looking at each other and Caroline realizing she and Luke are trapped in Violet's and Ben's bodies. The final chapter is that "Ben" and "Violet" left the house to "Caroline", thus leaving the house to Mama Cecile and Papa Justify.

In 1962 the pair used hoodoo to transfer their souls to Ben and Violet, leaving the real Ben and Violet to die in the bodies of the Twins. Once Ben and Violet became too old, they performed their ritual once more on Luke and Caroline. Thus, Mama Cecile and Papa Justify have occupied the house in various forms since the 1920s.

basically its rubbish!
Great website for the missing endings.

thanks i was hoping it got better after i fell asleep but clearly not!
And they all lived happily ever after!!

thanks i was hoping it got better after i fell asleep but clearly not!

it did get a lot better actually and the ending was terrific and thought provoking. IMHO of course.
hada creepy ending.
I loved this film, keep considering whether i should buy it every time I see a new HD DVD deal pop up.
seriously...this film was awful!

so bad it was even better than that stupid one about the evil tooth fairy....whatever it was called and that was sooooooooooooob bad!

seriously...this film was awful!so bad it was even better than that … seriously...this film was awful!so bad it was even better than that stupid one about the evil tooth fairy....whatever it was called and that was sooooooooooooob bad!

each to their own. I think the star wars films are ALL awful but I know a lot of people like them
not just me that didn't enjoy it then lol
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