Can you trade in PC games to CEX?

Found 26th Jan 2015
Hi all. Was wondering if its possible to trade in physical PC games to CEX? I bought a new PC from my friend and he gave me a whole heap of PC games with it, none that i particularly want. I imagine all the CD keys have been used - but I'm pretty sure when I was visited CEX i saw some PC games on there shelfs? anyone know
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Yeah they buy PC games. You can check for the prices you'd get here on their site
Newer games will need to be sealed though. You will see a 'S' beside the games which need to be sealed.
They wouldn't take a PC I tried to trade in because it needed a serial key and they didn't believe the one on the back of the manual was valid...
Thanks folks. Don't think I'll even bother, I get less than £1 for most of them!
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