Can you trade the sun holiday

Found 17th Apr 2009
I got a booking down haven on 8th may from sun hols but cannot make it due to unforseen curcumstances
The sun cannot refund the £38 so could i sell this on here even tho its under my name?


how much do you want for it

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it came with upgrades -
luxury caravan = 40.00
entertainment pass 15.80
power charge 23.96
linin 14.00
sun fee was 38.00
total £131.76

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family of 4 in Hale Riviere sands

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just got off the phone with Haven and you cannot sell on the £38 initial holiday fee if you have the excess upgrades refunded as that cancels the whole holiday and i am £38 outa pocket with nothing to show


can I just ask, I have one booked, I've paid for a service charge, what's … can I just ask, I have one booked, I've paid for a service charge, what's that for?Are there gonna be people cleaning my caravan daily?Just wondered because I have a kitten which I don't want to leave home alone, and I was thinking about 'sneaking' him in,lol

couldnt you take one of them pet carry cases and leave him/her in there while your out (could tell them its kept in there all the time?), im sure that will be better and less for them to complain about if they want to be nasty

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i think thats just for power, on my receipt i have no service charge just power charge

The problem is, if the buyer decides to trash the place they'll take the damages from your card. Just bear that in mind.

you could sell it as long as the person booking in just uses your name-haven will be none the wiser-not like they ask for any id when you arrive is it?

altho it would need to be someone you trust

isnt there a family member you could sell it to...or give it to as a present, just thinking if you cant use it someone might as well and obviously you could trust your family more than a stranger with the CCard issue
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