hi a friend if mine wants to buy her son an iphone 5s and the shop has said it cant be unlocked. i unlocked my sons vodafone smart ultra 6 from vodafone to ee with a code i bought off ebay for £2 is it the same with iphones??


    you can but price fluctuates everyday and different for every network
    prices will be between £5 to £80
    £80 was ee last I checked a year ago
    also you must know that if u get phone changed under warranty from apple it will be locked again to original network or get locked to first sim u put in

    it usually take 3/7 days and all u need to do is send imei to unlocker

    iPhones can be unlocked for certain. However they don't unlock like other phones, you cannot buy a 'code' and enter the code to get the phone unlocked. You must contact the network provider and providing you meet their requirements then you can unlock the phone if you pay their fee, which is normally £10/£15/£20.

    iPhones on 3 network are automatically unlocked or free to unlock
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    Depends what network its currently locked to.

    It's from £0 to about £20 on most networks but some networks require you to have made a valid top up with in the last so many months etc..

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    thanks everyone
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