Can you use a SD HC card on a PC and DS?

    Heya one of my mates was asking me about this, but I really don't know!

    She's wanting a 8gb but can only find HC ones (like the one on and so is bit wary of getting it incase it's not gonna work.

    And if so... is the one…nre
    the best price for it at the mo?

    (will also be good for me as I'm thinking of getting a bigger sd card myself!)




    heres the sdhc card…986

    what is it going to be used for

    Depends on what DS card it is your plugging it into?

    The original R4 does not take them, and on the PC you need to make sure the reader you have works with them.
    so you need to make sure what DS card you are plugging it into, efore anyone can answer that. My DSTT works with 8, 16 & 32Gb cards.

    Hope that helps.

    your computer or ds need to be sdhc compatible
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