Can you use an external usb webcam with a Windows tablet?

Found 4th Mar 2015
I am trying to put together a flexible astrophotography system and wondered if windows tablets will power an external webcam and install drivers.

I know you need an adaptor cable and all the basic stuff, its whether in reality, the tablet will power the webcam, if not whether a powered hub would work as an intermediary and the situation with regard otg usb drivers for external webcams.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


dont see why not. if I can see ny old usb webcam I will test, not sure if I still have it tho.

Which tablet? (RT or full fat Windows?)

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Full fat. I think it comes down to whether a tablet can power a webcam or not through its usb port

I tried it for you on my linx 10, wich is running windows and it works with logitech/ps3 eyetoy

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Awesome, thanks Stevvie
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