Can you use an installed Sky box without a sky subscription

    My Mum has just cancelled her Sky subscription and was looking for Free View box.

    Can she use her existing Sky box/dish for free view or does she need a new free view set?

    If she needs the new set can anybody recommend one? All she needs is a basic set up.



    Yes she can use it.


    Yep, just carry on with the box she got and she'll get all the available free channels. :thumbsup:

    old box will work with freeview

    Original Poster

    Excellent, does she need to do anything to it?


    Nope. Just leave the card in..... and all the free channels are viewable. Most will be available without the card too.

    Nope,,, It'll work fine as a freview box.. Don't take out the sky card as she will not be able to view Channel 5 and Sky 3...



    Excellent, does she need to do anything to it?

    No, nothing. just make sure she leaves the card in the slot so she can still pick up channel Five. Removing the card will result in losing this channel (but only until the card is placed back into the slot).
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