Can you use HD-DVD'S on new ps3?

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Found 7th Nov 2009
i'm thinking of buying the deal at argos for the ps3 bundle with 3 free games for the kids for xmas but i've ordered some blu rays as xmas gifts to go with it but didnt know if hd-discs work on the ps3,i've seen loads of cheap films on hd but don't know what you can watch them on please help rep added.Thanks in advance.

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in a word - no

bluray will work on ps3 but the now discontinued hd-dvd format will not work on the ps3.

hope this helps

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Pretty much only with the HD-DVD drive (sold separately) with the 360 and the Toshiba HD-DVD players that where around for a while. The Toshiba players are supposed to be (or at least were) really good upscaling DVD players.

I still have 300 on HD-DVD but seeing as it's a flip disc (one side is the normal DVD) I kept it when I sold everything else.
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