Can you use no claims on 2 cars if you own them both?

Posted 24th Aug 2014
Was wanting to get another car. Me and my bro share insurance atm and my no claims are on his car ... but I am the main driver. Have 3 years no claims. Was wanting to get another car for me ... possibly a Galaxy but wanted to know what to do with insurance? Can I use the no claims we built up on the current car twice? Or do we have to start from fresh. Brother does not have any cno claims ...

whats best course of action?
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You can only use no claims on one vehicle at any one time.
I think you can with some companies... such as Admiral
Get a multi car policy from Admiral
I'm with admiral now. It doesn't quite work that way. They do give good discount though if you have more than one vehicle.
Your no claims will work with only one policy but any accidents or claims on ANY policy will affect your premium... Strange how that works isn't it?
If you are a couple. You can insure other one in her name and as long as you or partner dont have any claims then you should get 2nd car discount. Which then becomes actual no claims discount. I haven't worked I insurance for 4yrs. Give direct line a call and they can explain how it works.
If you're car is insured by your brother then he has the no claims bonus in his name (unless he has had an accident), as a named driver you don't earn any no claims bonus I'm afraid, when you go to insure a vehicle in your own name the insurers will take Into account your age and driving experience but won't actually give you a no claims bonus (apart from Admiral maybe), you will start earning your own bonus from scratch. Sorry if I've misinterpreted the scenario tho.
If the insurance policy is in your brothers name and you have claimed a NCD on the policy that was earned by yourself - your policy is almost certainly invalid. Good thing to check.
If you have the NCD in your name and insure car 1 using it, then buy a 2nd car, some insurers will mirror the NCD on the 2nd car, I have done this.
In this instance, it is better to use a broker so you can explain the situation, rather than the internet.
Hi. Same situation Wi my wife. I have 10 years NCD and she has none ( new driver and lived in london so no need for a car). You can only have one NCD one one car at any one time. You cannot 'split' your NCD across two cars of yours or 'give' them to a spouse or relative etc. You also have to have a continuous number of years built up without a break ( most commonly without a two year period between policies).

IF you try and claim your brother is an additional driver you run the real risk of them doing even a slight amount and digging. If you had a car with your name on the V5 and as the main driver yet had access to another car and your brother was an additional driver but in reality the main driver, it's called 'Fronting' and will invalidate the policy.

You can add additional drivers on such as mum and dad, bro etc to try and lower the premium but became ful as some insurance providers will then later question if they have a claim on their main policy. Murky waters.

So there are lots of 'can'ts and don'ts etc!

I looked at two separate policies because I felt it was imports for my wife to build up her own NCD. Some companies count years of additional driver as NCD, but usually this is only if you built up the years with them in the first place. I.e. 2yrs additional driver with directline then took out a main policy you could count. But most insurance companies won't recognise other's policies! Which sucks! So, you could look at investigating getting your bro to take out his own policy and use he additional driver years as potential bargaining chips with the current provider.

I went with admiral because they offered the multi-car policy which is two separate policies wrapped with a multi-car discount. I actually got a 5 yr NCD reduction mirrored onto the wife's policy. So I am the main driver on my policy, she is the main driver on her car on her policy. There is no 'link' such as if she has an accident, I loose my NCD, which you have with your brother driving on your insurance policy! I he has an accident you will have to declare it!

Long winded answer but I would recommend own insurance or looking into multi-car policies. Please check the T&Cs too and ask them questions!!
Sorry, lots of autocorrects above but was in a rush!
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