Can you use Singstar mics on GH:World Tour (PS3)???

    As the title says is this possible? thx for any info!!


    Afraid not.
    Edit- seems you can my sources were wrong

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    Damnit it to hell, oh well cheers col for that!

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    One more thing! im really after the game and mic and not interested in the guitar and drums and was wondering if there is a bundle just for the mic/game?

    You can. I bought the guitar bundle of GH: WT and play it with the missus with the Singstar mics. Specifically the mics that came with the First PS3 Singstar game.

    If you got the guitar bundle, i'm sure you could get a few quid for the guitar, on either here or ebay

    Yea, just to reiterate - you CAN use the singstar mic.... just tried it myself :thumbsup:
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