Can you use the Tesco Sim card in the Iphone

    hi there

    just wondered, being on o2, would tesco sims work in an iphone

    Appreciate any comments


    At a guess probably only o2 sims.

    my friend uses a vodafone sim in his iphone; think it needs to be jailbroken tho

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    I was hoping for very much using the iphone without jailbroken etc

    Just trying to justify paying £342 on pay as you go. Seems cheaper to use a simplistic sim on pay as you go and throw the other sim out!

    Tesco do use the O2 network, but the access isn't the same, so only an O2 sim will work in a none jailbroken iPhone.
    Bare in mind the the iphone uses a stack of data so you'd need an addon to your acc to get some services running and some will only work on O2 as no other network supports them. . .
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