Can you work during Parental/Unpaid Leave?

    As I understand if you've worked for a company for many years you can request a number of weeks off as unpaid leave. This is sometimes referef to as Special Leave, Lifestyle Leave. Other "flavours" also exist called Dependants Leave. etc.which can be for upto 18 weeks per child.

    Question I have - can you work for another comopany during this time. E.g if you take 18 weeks off, can you get a temp xmas job coveing 8 weeks?

    Therefroe take unpaid leave from company, spend 10 weeks with the kid, take temp job for 8 weeks, then return back to "normal" work?

    It's a complex situation, but that's the gist of it.


    Question is... Why are you taking 18 weeks when you could take 10 and then work for your current company for the rest?

    ^^^^^^^^^^ why would you wanna??


    ^^^^^^^^^^ why would you wanna??


    Wouldn;t you be paid more in your usual job? Seems a bit silly to me....

    But if you could maybe shed some light onto why you would want to do this?

    Answer is: Yes

    Question is as above: Why would you want to ?

    Your contract is still running with your existing employer so inadvertently you may be paying more tax on your second income

    It all comes down to your terms of emplyment and the conditions of the unpaid leave. Normaly you can not work for anyone else without permission from the main company you work for.

    Original Poster

    One the money front your right I would get more with the current job, but I've had enough, with all the constant redundancies for the last 2 years there's no job satisfaction at all. And people are being "cut up" with all the uncetainty.

    i fancy a change, and although it would be temporary it would allow me to experience another profession, and in the long term there maybe a permi job on offer.

    if you are taking time off unpaid you need to read your terms and conditions for this - every company is different. They may say you cannot work during the 'office hours' therefore you would be able to work in the evenings or early mornings. It may state that you cannot work elsewhere at all - check the condition of your absence first - you can be sacked if you do not adhere to them.

    i think that if you take a career break then you are aloud to set up or improve a buisness that you already own. but your employeer has to know what you are doing because of tax reasons. that was my understanding of it all when a friend done it at work years ago but it may well have changed now.
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