Canada holiday 2020 - need advice

Posted 9th Jan
Hi Guys,

I have been told HUKD is a great place to gather some information from loads of people so here i am
A group of friends and I have settled on travelling to Canada for 10 nights in the summer (July) - we love to travel and Canada has always been on our bucket list!
After a bit of research, we settled to go to Toronto. Coincidentally, my birthday falls on July 21st and i have been secretly trying to get our agreed dates to include my birthday lol. however, majority of the group have decided on 10th till 20th of July (So close!)
We are traveling from London.
Looking at flights, they have managed to find direct flights to Toronto for around £470. The dates that i am looking at were 15th to 25th specifically. Both their dates and ours allow for at least 8 days worth of annual leave so it works well.
But everywhere i search, it is always £500+. How am i supposed to defend my dates?
I was hoping that i could be helped into finding something that is cheaper or matches their pricing?
Also would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions of what we can do while we are there.
We have looked into hiring a car for the holiday and have already listed Niagra Falls and canoening at a scenic lake (forgot what it was called!). But would really like to do things that makes the trip feel complete.

I wrote a lot! But hopefully someone can help
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You can do Gatwick to Toronto 14th to 24th July for £481pp with British Airways. Also why don't you just say you'd like to spend your birthday out there?
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Niagara is a dump, or it was when we visited. The Falls and Casino were the highlights.

The French restaurants in Toronto served the best cuisine.

Yorkville was a pretty cool area.

You've got the Ice Hockey and the CN Tower.
You can find prices from £472 via Air Transat here. Select ‘cheapest’ at the top of the page. En route, there’s 1 stop, return is direct.

Air Canada here with prices starting at £478.
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travel on the 14th, come back on the 25th

I know it’s 11 days, but it’s £479, and direct flights both ways, but the flight depart Gatwick, and returns Heathrow
I got flights last year from Newcastle to Heathrow, Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver, Vancouver to Hawaii and hawaii to Vancouver, back to Heathrow and then Newcastle for around £900 - air canada had a sale on, but got it from Courtney air savers in Newcastle they were absolutely untouchable for price - might be worth giving them a ring as they buy flights in bulk. Air Canada was really good to be fair and Hawaii leg was westjet which was ok. Toronto was lovely and niagra was amazing, there is a mega bus from Toronto centre direct to niagra and is a fraction of the cost of a tour. If you go to Niagara Falls make sure you visit the town of niagra it’s where the buses drop you but it’s a lovely little town that gets ignored by the falls. If you fancy the can tower book in advance and book for dinner as the cost for dinner isn’t much more than just paying for the viewing platform anyway
Why toronto exactly?

Did you consider Vancouver (gastown) near the sea, near the mountains & summer / winter activities, good festivals, food trucks, food truck festivals, outdoor summer cinema (with food trucks) ...ok I enjoy food trucks. glaciers, summer snowboard / ski camps, easy access road & air to really spread out & about.
temperate rain forests ..

in Gas town the BBQ / sea food is excellent & some fantastic deli (best I came across was by a meat obsessed ex uk butcher & meat smoker).

Really good multi-modal location
Dive bombing crows in nesting season (with its own dedicated site) ..plenty of opportunities to see bears n' the like if you need to.
Toronto is ok though.
Hang fire for a while. Led to believe Meghan and Harry are opening a b&b to supplement their income
I would suggest flying into Calgary and driving through to Vancouver passing through the Canadian rockies, Banff and Jasper national parks with all their lakes and hiking. Lake Louise and Emerald lakes are my favourite.
MonkeyMan9009/01/2020 22:17

You can do Gatwick to Toronto 14th to 24th July for £481pp with British …You can do Gatwick to Toronto 14th to 24th July for £481pp with British Airways. Also why don't you just say you'd like to spend your birthday out there?

Hey @MonkeyMan90
I had a look on the british airways website but turns out (once baggage etc is added) it goes back up
Unless im doing it all wrong
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