Canada. house swap/exchange - Anyone done it before? Looking for Summer holidays next year.

Found 20th Dec 2008
I've been thinking about doing a house swap/exchange. We'd love to go to Canada next Summer, but as accomodation prices are pretty steep I wondered about doing an exchange with a family from Canada.
Does anyone have any experience of this kind of house swap? Good or bad. Any good agencies to go through. Or who/what to avoid?
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woudlnt really trust strangers unless your swingers

woudlnt really trust strangers unless your swingers

But then you're both in the other's home - I think you have to have a degree of trust, don't you? And I don't swing either..:w00t:
thing is you dont know if they damage your house till your back in uk so could be too late?
nice idea, i personally would worry about what they might do in my house and what i might accidentally damage/break in theirs!!!! and hopping on the good foot in someone else's house might feel a bit weird too ;-)
I think another point to consider is that if you have home insurance you have to inform your provider that you're doing the swap. I have no idea how that affects your insurance though!
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