Cancel auto payment for xbox live but don't know account details !!!

Found 7th Mar 2018
Soo recently i've been managing my mums bank account and every 3 months £14.99 comes out of her account for xbox live. My brother must have used her details to make payments for live on the sly lol. Anyhoo, he hasn't used his xbox account for atleast 2 years now ever since he got his PS4, however the payments still come out :'( We tried going to the bank and cancelling the auto payments but they said to get in contact microsoft. It also does'nt help that my brother can't remember his xbox account details..so the only connection we have are my mums card details.

Such a mess! Please help!
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There is an Xbox customer support phone number. Look it up
Say you lost the card and the bank will cancel it and send your mum a new one.
Surely all you need to know is your brothers email address that he signed up with? I imagine that is all that would be needed to click 'forgot my password' on the Xbox website
*unless he has lost access to his email account too
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had a similar issue with an isp that went bust but their payment company was still taking money, had to close the bank account in the end

FCA says your bank is talking ass and you should threaten them with the FCA if they don't sort it out.
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When you say you have been managing your mums bank account, is that with the proper documentation in place , eg power of attorney or third party mandate registered on her account? If not she will need to contact the bank herself, however the bank has to cancel these re occurring card transactions for the account holder or authorised person , they will cancel any future payments going to Xbox. Please go back to them as the person you spoke to either didn't understand what you were asking them to do or doesn't know the banking system very well. (Its my field of employment )
Just say you don’t know the source, your mum doesn’t own an Xbox right? They will cancel it right away!
Ring Xbox on this number they will help you. Mine kept auto renewing before and they cancelled it within minutes. Very helpful and credited 1 month bk to me as can see it wasn't used.
Contact Microsoft, They'll be able to find his details via address used or payment transaction number ( may have to contact bank for that ).
Sorry for saying this but your brother sounds like a selfish brat. Why would he not realise that he signed up for a 3 month sub on a recurring payment costing your mother £120 in the process. I would kick him right in his wee stones.
Make him pay it back, tell him you're reporting him for fraud if it's not paid back in full before next Monday.
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