Cancel your 3 mobile contracts early FOR FREE!!!

Posted 20th May 2009
3 have announced they are canceling there "3 like home" roaming service, this meens you can use this as a sure way to get out of your contract as its stated in there terms and conditions:

4.1 If you are a Pay Monthly Customer, we will let you know at least one month in advance if we decide to make any variations to your agreement which are likely to be of detriment to you

10.1(d) You can end the agreement within one month of us telling you about a variation to your agreement (which includes your Price Plan) which is likely to be of detriment to you. You must give written notice to 3 Customer Services within that month and your agreement will finish at the end of that month once we receive your notice. (A Cancellation Fee will not be charged.)

Wow what a find, I managed to cancel both my mobile phone contract which had 12 months left and my Mobile broadband contract that had 6 months left today by using this as an excuse. Took nearly an hour in total but was pretty straight forward.

I did as advised and stated i have holiday booked in July in Aus, and that this 3 like home was why i took both my phone and mobile internet contract out. They tried to fob me off with the usual; £10 gift, £20 gift, you have to pay remaining to cancel, it was only a temporary offer etc

Remain strong and insist on canceling, i had never used either abroad and this did not matter. State the actual quote regarding detrimental changes in the terms and conditions which can be found above.

Also they will then put you through to cancellations, almost there lol, they will ask for your phone back, tell them you lost it ages ago without insurance so use an old phone. They will go away and ask if this is ok, but was fine for me.

Then say you want your sim to change to PAYG, and as a result in a month you will be out of contract and keep your number. Simple. Try it
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P.S. this is 100% legal, infact that's why you can do it:)
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