Cancelled Virgin Media - will they call me back?

Posted 15th Jan 2021
So I'm fairly new to this, but I just called Virgin Media to cancel our contract as we're near the end and the price is going up a lot. They offered me a "deal" which was basically my current price but with lower internet speeds, so I said I could get a better deal somewhere else (Sky).

They put me through to another team where the guy basically said "it's clear that you want to leave so I'll cancel your contract for you". I was hoping he would offer me an actual deal but he didn't haha.

So now my contract is ending next month. Are they likely to call me back with an actual offer, or should I make sure I have something else in place already? I don't like the idea of having to have someone come around and install stuff again if we do switch.

Does anyone have experience with this? Do I hold out or do I already book an installation with Sky? Thank you!
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