Posted 24th Jun 2019
I've just cancelled Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone. I don't use the TV or phone so I was essentially paying £41 a month for 100MB internet, which seemed like a rip-off. If I'm honest, I'm surprised they didn't do more to keep me. They offered to reduce the price to £36 but it seems very expensive compared to various ~£28 per month deals for 66MB broadband in my area.

So...what should I do next? My contract ends in just over a month so I've got a bit of time to play with. Should I hang on a while to see if they call back with a better deal? If so, how long? Or should I just proceed with signing up with a new supplier?

I'm concerned that I might sign up with a new supplier (probably PlusNet based on research so far), then get a call from Virgin with a reduced price and be too late to back-out with the new supplier.

To be clear, I'm happy to exit Virgin if I don't get a better price, but would also be happy to stay if they can knock the price down a bit further.
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