cancelling a 3 contract, what's your experience?

    just phoned up 3 to give a month notice to terminate my contract on the date when it dues to end. this is my first time terminating a 3 contract. here is my very unhappy experience.

    1. the cs kept asking me for reason of the termination, as if i didn't know what i was doing. my answer is simply wanting to terminate it after the agreed 12months term. :shock:

    2. after she tried to promote the 3 upgrades, i said to her actaully i have just got a new 3 line with 12month free line rental. then she started to question me the offer i was on, and demanded me my new number. she said she needed it to make a record on the system. i insisted of giving her the number because i don't see any reason to do so. :x

    3. after a while of arguing, she said she had got the number from the system, at this point i was real crossed. as my privacy had been stepped into. :x :x

    4. she also told me because the last bill will be generated 2 days after the termination, my direct debit which has been setup will also be cancelled on the date of contract termination. so there will be a £3.00 admin charge on that bill for not setting up automatic payment. WHAT! i was fumed at this point. i said to her this is no way acceptable, how could you put a charge on me because i am terminating the contract before the last payment (which is always going to be generated after the termination). she said that applies to everybody, and there is no way of keeping the direct debet after the termination (i remember vodafone could). after a while of arguing, she suggested me to phone up after that bill is generated and request a refund on the charge. :x :x :x

    have similar experience?


    I'll be terminating my 3 contract in a month. I hope it will be less painfully than any other thing I had to do with 3 customer (lack of ) service.

    I had a fairly easy time when I last cancelled my 3 contract. I explained that I already had a new phone on its way to me and they cancelled there and then on the spot, with the 30 days notice. Though, a couple of days later, I do remember getting a call asking me if I wanted to 'upgrade' to a dodgy NEC phone.

    I'll be doing this one by letter if people have bad experiences.
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