Cancelling A Dell Order

    Do I have to ring customer services or can I cancel on line, can't seem to find anyway on the webste.

    Thanks in advance



    Try ringing customer services and asking, it is probably quicker than submitting a thread on here.

    I phoned CS and was able to cancel my order with no problems, they changed my delivery date by an extra 3 weeks and I couldn't wait that long. i got a super dooper brand new one from a Dell reseller on ebay, complete with a 3 year warranty from Dell, delivered next day for £450 less than the same machine fromDell.

    It may be possible to cancel the order online but I'd recommend phoning Dell to ensure the order is properly cancelled as I rarely find their online system to work properly or promptly.


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    Thanks for advice - rang and cancelled no problems.


    I amended a delivery through the phone lines as you rely on their order system and you don't know what stage your order is at although it's 5.30 and they have quick turnaround times so maybe your order has gone.

    Did the salesperson try to stop you canceling by offering you anything extra??:whistling:

    I called dell on Monday past to try & get a better deal on a laptop as I've gotten 3 of them before & a 2x desktops....

    But the salesman when I told him the model I was after went for the kill by first getting my details which he just had to look up via my post code & house number..
    Next thing was whats my CC number!!! I said hang about can you give me a better deal than what I can get online? No can't give you any discount but we'll fit a memory card reader in the laptop... ok I said but the spec says there is one already installed!!:oops:
    He went on & on but at the end of the day was giving nothing that I couldn't aready get online..:roll:
    So as by buying online I could go through the spec & know just what i was getting for my money I told him I'll just buy online goodbye.:p. I'd nolonger hung the phone up than it started ringing again I knew it was him so never answered...Next thing my mobile rang & I knew by the number that it was him.. 4x times he called my mobile but I never answered & a good job to as I placed the order today for a 1721 laptop with a battery upgrade & N router card £539 & with the 10% code from here it came to £484.11 then through quidco I should get around another £20 off..
    So if I sit on the purchase for a couple of days then call up to cancel will the try to keep me from canceling by offering me a little more in the deal?? I want to get my own back on the sales team for the hastle they gave me & not even replying to the email of complaint I sent to them for the way I had been treated..:x

    nobody phoned me back, and I didn't get offered any discount either!!!

    When I did last year when I decided to get a custom built Pc instead they first said no it cant be cancelled, then said ok but put me on hold for 15 minutes, then offered me a webcam, then when he asked why I wanted to cancel I said I was building my own as I had my own antivirus software, and he tried to say its not compatable, as if you buy an antivirus on disc its only compatable with the pc it was bought for etc.


    Though it may be worth a try to get a bit more out of them;-)
    It's like this if you don't ask you don't get!:thumbsup:

    Make sure it is cancelled though as i went through Hell becuase of them saying its "cancelled". 1 month kater a bill for £500 from a credit card company plus £20 interest for not paying. I call up Dell to cancel the order and they say they cannot find any evidence that i even placed an order. It was only by luck that i managed to find my order number and get the money refunded to my account.
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