Cancelling a Orange contract?!?

    i know u have to give them one months notice

    but do u do this by phone or written?

    ideally i would like to stay on the contract and upgrade but reduce my £30 a month bill (£40+ after vat and call charges)

    does it work like any contract whereby i phone retentions (do they have a retentions department?) and try get a better deal?

    any help would be appreciated as its up in october:thumbsup:


    just ring and ask for your PAC code, that's what i've done in the past with orange and 3:)

    They *might* try and offer you summat better but you've a better chance when you ring on the day of your cancellation. So, if you're up say 1st October, ring 1st of Sep, ask for PAC code. You'll probably go thru, be passed to retentions who will do their best but stand your ground, and do some research on other companies

    They might call your bluff, but you have 30 days

    yeah, you just have to give them a call and let um know that you want to cancel it. Do it one month before the end. I never had to write a letter.

    They will try and tempt you to stay on with what they call "offers" but they are not worth it. just buy a cashback deal on Orange from a trusted site such as E2save and you will save LOADS. plus you can stay on orange with the same number and have a new phone!!!

    Original Poster

    hmm yeah your probably right

    12 month free contracts FTW

    Well you have time to wait and see if its October.

    I intend to order at least 2 contract cashback deals come Nov/early december due to the nicer handsets they do come pre xmas, but purposefully so as the less organised and cashback commited tend to order more around this time, profiting from those who screwup their cashback contract and helping to subsidise those who don't screw up.

    By that same measure come retentions you'll have better actual deals to quote back to them when they do try and offer you something.


    Just dont stay with Orange, a poor company in my experience, once my contract is up I will never trade with them again

    Call 150 from your phone.

    Will give them 30 days notice in a couple of days.

    Initially when spoke the other day they erred by saying I had accepted Orange broadband, cheeky so on sos. Quick apology though
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