Cancelling a phone contract via 3rd party deal

Posted 25th Jun 2020

I got a cashback deal on an iPhone 11 with unlimited data on Vodafone.

I found out that Vodafone have a strict NAT setup so I cannot use it for online play unless I use a VPN at additional cost.

Anyway, what would happen if I manage to get Vodafone to end my contract early because of this issue. Would I need to return the iPhone to the 3rd party??

Thanks in advance.
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Of course you will need, unless it’s a sim only Vodafone will refer you back
Yes if you bought the phone with contract you 'll need to return it, you also need to cancel it trough the 3rd party as you have bought/took at the contract with them. Also what i have read from others unless your credit rating is good enough that they allow you two contracts you have to wasit for about 3 months before you can get a new contract.
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