Found 21st Jul 2008
Hi there

Was about to buy an item from eBay, an echeque was sent today . Now haven't heard from the seller at all now since the echeque was sent?

What can I do..I want to cancel the payment as I'm not satisfied now that the seller is genuine.


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Not really sure what you mean, did you buy the item and then send and echeque TODAY!

If so do you not think you should give them at least a couple days to acknowledge you in some form. Sometimes echeques take an age to clear!

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Yeah I bought the item last night....and today I sent the payment thinking it would be an instant transfer but it happens to be an echeque.

I have sent the seller a few emails and have not recieved a reply from them! When he was waiting for payment I would always get quick responses.

I'm just trying to be more wary as £300 is involved! lol

I believe that is cause of the type of your account you have - i might be wrong. But either way it will take a while to clear into their account and then they should send the item. If they dont, bare in mind this might be a two week wait, claim back through paypal for it. I wouldnt worry as ive recieved loads of echeques and never had a problem, have sent a few as well and often people on ebay just dont reply cause they cant be bothered! But they will still send the goods out!

what do you want the seller to do ??!!
e-cheques take 7-10 days to clear!


I mistakenly sent an e-cheque once and it took 14 days to clear much to the annoyance of both myself and the seller. Just give it some time but try to keep the seller informed. :thumbsup:

Yes E Cheques usually take about 14 days to clear. Unfortunately not all sellers notify the buyer when payment is received. Also some people do not check their emails as regularly as others. I would allow 2 weeks before you start to panic. If after this time you still haven't heard anything from the seller and haven't received the item then you can open an item not received dispute.

give the guy a chance and wait to see what happens once the cheque has cleared!! it maybe that the guy wasn't at his computer or was at work when you paid so that could be why he's gone quiet - if his feedback is ok then relax about it

e-cheques are a nightmare for sellers, and there's nothing they can do, keep up communication with the seller and prehaps if poss get their phone number and see if you can contact them.

It was only last night, yes? The seller might be at work - I would at least wait until this evening for him/her to reply before making a hasty decision. Otherwise you look like the dodgy one - sending e-chack and then cancelling it within a day...
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