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Cancelling an order before dispatch and being charged 25% restock fees

Posted 7th Apr 2022

I just wanted to check the legalities. I bought a PC off Palicomp on Tuesday morning and was offered a Q-Jump to have quick build and delivery otherwise I'd wait between 5-10 days (as told by the salesperson in emails). I rejected the Q-Jump. On Wednesday evening, I decided to cancel the order and come Thursday (today) morning, they have emailed to state I would be charged a 25% Restocking fee because they are scheduled to dispatch the PC today (so that whole Q-Jump extra payment is all a lie, or that they are lying that they have already opened all the boxes for the PC build and have completed it hence cannot sell as "New"?).

Before I respond to them, I just wanted to know from people experiences with restocking and whether this is legal considering the product hasn't even been dispatched and I provided them cancellation notice within a day and half.

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