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Does anyone know if you can cancel an order you just placed through I just placed and order and paid with my game wallet, but decided I'd go to store instead, but my online account has instantly changed to say shipped, and no button to cancel it... does anyone know how to do this, and if I cancel, how long before I get the points back on the card?


There's a "cancel" button available against unshipped orders, but once shipped you no longer have that option. You could try contacting them via email, or perhaps Twitter, but I doubt that you'd get a response in time to interrupt the dispatch process.

You do of course still have the right to return the item, including in-store if you prefer.

Ring them tomorrow. I had a problem with a ps4 I ordered. They basically had allocated it to me and even though it hadn't been dispatched (or even put on the lorry) they couldn't cancel. They said I would have to return it by post. They advised to get special delivery but would not reimburse me for it.
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