cancelling broadband

    i phoned AOL to get my mac code and asked how long it was valid for and the guy on the phone said it had immediate effect.i asked,do you mean i won't have any broadband.he said yes.i said surely i am with you until my new provider changes me over,but he said no it has immediate effect.
    this can't be true is it.i always thought it was valid until you got your new provider
    has anyone had this said to them before as i think he was talking pish


    nope its true if u lucky no net for few days have heard someppl have had to wait months
    . Key is to arrange with new provider before you cancel to make sure everything will be ok and then get mac code, thats what i dont neway when i left aol for sky

    whoah wait.

    When you ask for your MAC code, this is just a code that would authorise to switch your broadband supplier.

    Your internet with AOL will stay running until your give that MAC code to your new broadband supplier, so they can switch it down at the exchange. If you dont give that code before 30 days are up, then you would need to speak to your ISP again to get a new MAC code.

    Yeah a MAC code SHOULDN'T cut off your internet. It is a Migration AUTHORISATION Code, and so merely gives the new provider permission to start the transfer. If AOL cut you off, that is a decision they have made, and not something asking for the MAC code does. They're at it!

    No, its only a code, which if you give it to another provider gives them permission to take over the broadband, your aol broadband should cancel the same day as your provider takes over, not immediatley

    MAC codes last for 30 days, if you don't use it then you just stay with AOL, seems the monkey at AOL has cancelled your account they did that with me a few years ago , ring them back ASAP !
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