Cancelling BT Broadband and changing ISP

Found 7th Jul 2007

I want to cancel my current Broadband with BT and want to change to Virgin Broadband. How do I go about this because I dont want to be left without a connection as I depend on the Internet for my business. Is it just a case of ringing up BT and cancelling then ordering the Virgin Broadband? will the BT broadband be cut off instantly? and how long does it usually take for another ISp to be up and running?. Thanks
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Good luck cancelling with them mate.I cancelled my father in laws BT internet package yesterday.Between us we were on the phone 4 hours !.Kept being put on hold,then disconnected,then finally got through to someone in India only to be told it wasn't their department.Was given another number to try which didn't exist,Rang back again only to be put back on hold for 30 mins,then cut off again!.It was a serious wind up.As an ex Tiscali customer is wasn't an experience I hadn't had to endure before though!.Virgin customer support isn't supposed to be that much better.Check out this link:…php

I have set up a few new connections for friends & family as well as changing providers myself in the last few months.Newnet and the Entanet resellers (Like UKFSN,Freeola,ADSL24,Falconnet and Vivaciti) are the best Ive dealt with,very good connection speeds,No drop outs and decent UK based customer support.Worth a few extra quid a month in my experience.If you can get a MAC code from BT (May require some serious persistance) you should be able to change providers reasonably quickly with minimal fuss and downtime.I had no problems when I went to Enta.My mate who foolishly went to Talk Talk had a nightmare though!.
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