Cancelling BT - notice period and minimum contract length

Found 25th Aug 2017

I've just called BT about cancelling my BT broadband, calls and TV package.

My introductory offer/minimum contract period ends on the 22nd September, and there is a 30 day notification period.

I was told by the advisor that giving the 30 days notice before the introductory offer ends on 22nd September counts as early termination and that there would be a penalty, despite the service actually ending on the 25th September, after the minimum contract period has ended.

I can apparently only notify after the 22nd September, so essentially will need to pay for 30 days usage at full price.

From other people's experience is this correct?

With Virgin Media I was able to initiate the notice period before the minimum contract period ended, so long as the service ending was after the contract ended. I would have thought this would be the case across all providers.

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I would call back and get someone else. Or try live chat and keep record of conversation
doesn't sound right to me though
Yeah, thats bobbins!…for

Examples If you tell us on 1 November that you want to stop your service on 10 November:

  • Between 1 November and 10 November you'll be charged as normal
  • Between 11 November and 30 November you'll be charged for the rest of the 30-day notice period.
  • You should receive your final bill by 20 November (within 10 days of the stop date).

If you tell us on 1 November that you want to stop your service on 30 November:

  • You're giving the required 30-day notice period, and will continue using the service until it ends.
  • You won't be charged for any period after 30 November.
  • You should receive your final bill by the 10 December (within 10 days of the stop date).
I was told the same. But I didn't buy their bs, but stayed longer than intended after contract so can't tell you if they would charge.
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You were given incorrect information, you can cancel with 30 days notice but you can also specify the cease date up to 6 weeks in advance.
If that cease is after the minimum term ends then you won't incur early termination charges, although you might pay a £31 cease charge depending on the exchange you're connected to.

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