Cancelling Carphone Warehouse Contract

Posted 22nd Jan 2008
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could help me out here.

I have a 12 month phone contract on O2, with the Carphone Warehouse. I received my 11th bill over the weekend, so I decided to call and say I would like to cancel my contract after the 12th month, as I thought you were supposed to give 30 days to cancel.

But when I called I was told that I should cancel 14 days before my final 12th bill. I'm sure it's supposed to be 30 days. I won't be at home for the next few days so I can't check what my contract stated but I assumed it's always 30 days before the contract ends you should cancel.

Has anyone cancelled a Carphone Warehouse contract recently? Could you confirm if you had to give 30 days notice? And if so, did you just call and give notice?

I don't really trust what the guy stated as I always thought it was 30 days notice one had to give, but maybe it's now 14 days?

Thanks for any help from anyone, it's much appreciated.
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It's 30 days notice, you also need to write a letter to cancel it as well as ringing up.
Or they just keep charging you [happened to my sister, lesson well learnt]
You will be bombarded over the remainder of your contract even if you manage to cancel with ultra special offers to try and keep you...... Be prepared to be brave!!!!
Thanks for the replies!

I'll have to call up again then and give it another try, and I won't take no for an answer this time!

Will it matter that it's now a few days into the final month, so it's not technically 30 days notice?
It is 30 days notice.....write a letter to them saying you cancelled it over the phone and that you want confirmation on writing that notice has been given and the contract will be cancelled. Did you get the name of the guy you spoke on the phone to?????(most important)......if you did make sure you include it in the letter.
Good luck.
you could also just ask if they will change it to a payg sim.

Thats what i did when i wanted to go to orange and they done it all for me then i threw out the sim lol

easier than me tryin to cancel i found out
Send it recorded btw.
Cheers for all your help, rep left for all replies.

I didn't get the name of the guy, wish I had now! But I'll call tomorrow and explain to them the mis-information they gave me and make sure I get the cancellation reference. Then send the letter recorded as advised.

Many thanks again.
if you ask for your PAC then your contract will be cancelled automatically....
Depends who the contract is with eg O2 or Virgin etc . I cancelled my Virgin contract (purchased through Carphone Warehouse) couple of months ago. Like you I thought it was 30days in writing but Virgin cancelled it over the phone and said I could cancel up to the day before the next billing period (or something like that).
Good luck.

edi posted … edi posted this:

Thanks chesso

thom_yorke :- Its 30 days. Ask for a reference when you phone up CPW and include the reference in your letter and send it by recorded delivery. You letter should arrive no earlier than 30 days from the contract end date.

if you ask for your PAC then your contract will be cancelled … if you ask for your PAC then your contract will be cancelled automatically....

Not true, contract is only canceled when the PAC is transfered to a new network.
Cheers again guys. I got the reference and sent the letter recorded. They weren't as pushy as I thought they would be to try and keep me as a customer, which I'm quite pleased about!
Give it time, they will still call before you are actually out of contract, mine got boring after a while, they even asked if I knew anyone at all who might want my old contract....... like I was going to go door knocking on their behalf! Cheeky ******s!

I need to cancel my contract with O2 as well.

CPW said write a letter to them, what do I write in the letter?

Do I just request a PAC code and give all my detaisl (number, address, etc) - By requesting a PAC will it automatically go to PAYG?
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