cancelling carphonewarehouse contact (o2) problem !

    my contract is ending on 6th Feb so I called in today to cancel They said I will need to send them written confirmation and when they receive it, my contract will be cancelled 30 days from then. I honestly did not know this. My mum also got the same contract during same peiod so I have two contracts to cancel.

    he gave me some options

    1) Pay £35/m * 2 to as my contract will end at the end of march (30 days from letter received). So thats £70 to get out of it all

    2) Agree to a continued 12 month contract with 100 sms and 50 mins per month free. no moneytaken out of my account and they will credit me 300£. I am hesitant to do this as it sounds too good to be true and I do not want to be with them any longer to be honest

    3) Change my pay monthly to payg chips. For two contracts, this will cost £47!

    I am not sure what to do now. Has anyone else been in the same situation ? Daylight robbery if you ask me.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    thanks !!!!


    Original Poster

    thanks. From the thread it seems the best option is to get it converted to no. 3 above ? Anyone disagree ?


    Yes, sounds fine - but where did they get the £47 bit from? When my misus O2 contract expired, it didnt cost a penny to go to PAYG. They are giving sims away also - making it even stranger!

    Of course another option would be to ask for a PAC and port your number away from them to any operator you chose - on either contract or PAYG.

    You might like to ask them where it says in your contract you have to send in a cancellation in writing and not be able to take this info from you over the phone. I'd bet it doesnt!!!!! Go for it! Sounds like they are being awkward and trying it on. Ring back - and make sure you ask for the persons name and team number!
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