Cancelling easyMobile Automatic Overdraft Facility

    For those of us that have an easyMobile SIM and want to remove the automatic overdraft applied to every SIM purchased from them....

    Go to…tml easyMobile.Com Here

    Use their live chat client and let them know you wish to cancel the automatic overdraft facility.

    You'll need your website login information and your phone number account you want to remove it from.

    They'll do it there and then, so they won't be able to take more than your credit balance allows. It's also free to do this, no charge at all, but ask them if that's so when on there.

    You can also ask how to stop automatic top ups from your card if you have that option activated. But you can't have that removed in live chat.


    Cool. Thanks ray.

    Thanks Ray, did this earlier this evening for the accounts set up for both me & my wife.

    There was no fee & the only condition was that we had to agree to the following statement:

    We can remove this facility, however you must be aware that whilst we … We can remove this facility, however you must be aware that whilst we make every effort to ensure a block is applied as close to zero as possible, we cannot guarantee it.

    I presume this is if your current call/text etc is not quite covered by your balance.

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    Yeah That's what I received too and Thanks for posting it!

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    I also took screenshots of the conversation, but I'm quite a bit happier about their response. It's just a shame they don't let you know these things in a simple way in the first place.

    Yeah, I too took screenshots so got proof in case of probs - you never know! lol :lol:

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    I'm sure your mind is greater than mine but you know what they say lol


    I'm sure your mind is greater than mine but you know what they say lol

    Dont get you Ray :confused:

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    Great minds think alike :roll:

    Oh right! :oops:


    rayman Dont get you Ray :confused:

    ROFL!! :lol:

    Thank you very much for the info Rayman.
    And LoL to that last bit of conversation exchange.


    First time I have ever seen one of these chat-based customer services. I wonder why they do it - is it really much cheaper than normal phone based call centres. I wonder if the call operators are worknig from a dedicated call centre or from thier own homes.

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    [SIZE=2]Hopefully they're on-site when in live chat. I think they must be, as they cancelled the overdraft facility in a couple of mnutes [/SIZE]

    Hmm, from their Standard Services conditions, the implication is that by default the auto-overdraft facility is not switched on...

    Overdraft FacilityThis innovative service allows your easyMobile account … Overdraft FacilityThis innovative service allows your easyMobile account to go into a small negative balance. We offer this service as a ‘back up’ so that you will never get caught short with no airtime credit just when you might need it the most.This service is free to use for up to £10 of calls, or 3 days with a negative balance of less than £10. If your account exceeds either of these limits, we will apply a charge of £5 to your account and prevent you making outbound calls/texts.Therefore we recommend that you top up your airtime balance as soon as possible to avoid incurring a charge or loss of service.If you wish to have this service activated, please contact our Customer Service team to discuss this further. We will review your account for eligibility and advise you when we can provision the service on your account.If you subscribe to our Auto top-up service, you will automatically receive the overdraft facility once you have made your first payment.

    So, is this actually the case in practice?

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    Thanks for that dieslglider

    They might well have changed it to the above because of many people cancelling it anyway.

    I haven't heard of this happening recently...
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