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Found 22nd Oct 2007
Just a general question and an issue that keeps popping up on deal threads...

Is it really 100% safe to just cancel a direct debit for a cheap subscription or is it recommended that you also cancel by either phoning or emailing the subscription department of the magazine you subscribed to too?

Just wondering if the magazine had any comeback if you cancelled a DD and hadn't bothered to let them know too?

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A reputable firm will not send you any magazines unless you have subscibed to them. If you have cancelled your DD when its due to take it, it will apply to the bank for the money and be refused. The company should then contact you to see why the DD has not been honoured, however for the low level amount of magazine subscriptions they tend to not bother, as the cost of contact outweighs the amount. I would imagine a lot of people just cancel the DD and dont bother contacting the company.

However I would suggest its quicker and easier to just phone the subsciptions line and cancel it with them also.

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My query referred to a Mac User subscription I have just signed up to, it was £1 for 3 issues with a free iTrip, the free gift has already arrived but I havn't had the 1st issue of the magazine yet and would like all 3 before I cancel.

I am more than happy to give them there £1 but I just wondered if they had a legal case if they wanted to pursue if you didn't cancel it properly after paying the £1 and just cancelled the DD with your bank instead.
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