Cancelling mobile contract and keeping the phone..

    I've been looking into getting a second phone and was looking at this deal:…th/

    The phone is on a 1 month contract. Would it be possible to cancel the contract and keep the phone (or port the number to another network, as suggested in the thread)?

    The dialaphone T&Cs (they do the same deal with more quidco)…tml
    seem to say you can't but it only seems to refer to 12 month contracts (i.e. you cant cancel half way through a 12 month contract and keep the phone..)

    Any thoughts, anyone?



    That phone is only £30 at the carphone warehouse ,

    Original Poster


    That phone is only £30 at the carphone warehouse ,

    Yeah, I saw that deal and was considering it but you need to top up £10 for the price I think?

    Plus, dialaphone give £30 quidco/topcashback for contracts.
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