Cancelling O2 Contract

I'm approaching the 12th month of my O2 contract that I took out with e2save, and I want to cancel it as soon as it expires. Who do I contact? O2 or e2save? Which number/e-mail address do I use and what information do I need to give them? Thanks in advance.

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Call #100 30days before the end of the 12months.

Some people get away with doing it this way, others are forced to write into O2, afaik the O2 e2save sell is normall O2, not CPW O2, call their CS on the number you've been using all this time and find out

However if you want a new phone I'd recommend against leaving them, getting a £450 phone and paying £20/m on a 12month contract is good and no cashback offer can match
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