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    hi all, wonder if can get some help of you lovely people, my 12 month free contract expires 14 feb and i want to cancel it , do i need to give 28 days notice? and will it affect my cashback claim as i need to claim on the 12th month , thanks in advance, and i obviously cancel it through network provider not onestopphoneshop ?


    You dont say what network but I think that they all want 1 mths notice. I usually send an email and also phone customer services. Then if when you get closer to the 12mth point and hey deny having received your cancelation request you can refer them to your email.

    It will have no effect on your cashback, assuming you are on a 12mth contract, you will still receive a bill at the 12mth point that you will send in to claim your cashback.

    When you look for a new deal check out the Ts & Cs, some companies don't let you port to O2 or Voda.

    Yep, give them the notice now as necessary. Just tell them that you wish to cancel at the end of the 12th month which ends on 14th February. Usually quite straight forward. You should still get a bill from them for month 12, but just make sure when you call them.

    And yes, it is the network provider.

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    cheers guys

    I'm a bit worried now.

    I'm with 02 and rang them to give my 30 days notice to conicide with end of my cashback deal. Asked what info they wanted in writing. However when I requested a PAC code they said I didn't actually need to give any written notice coz once a PAC code was used it automatically terminated a contract with no penalties. I double checked what I was hearing but that's definitely what they said. Have I been misled? Hope not, otherwise I'm gonna be quite a bit out of pocket.
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