Cancelling phone contracts

Found 9th Jun 2009
I think my phone contract ran out on May 6th but I've not renewed so am obviously just on a rolling deal, anyway I've decided I reckon I'm going to get a new iphone around the date it is released, when is best to cancel my current contract, when I have the new phone or do I need to give a time? Also will I be able to cancel at a specific time or will I be charged until the end of the month. If that's the case I might as well until then to get a new phone so I don't pay 2 months line rent for the same month.
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you have to give 30 days notice...... so do it today, and request your PAC, unless your with O2 then simply upgrade
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Cheers, I thought it was something like that. Will have to make sure I do get one and they don't sell out and have a 3 week wait now.
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