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Found 3rd Oct 2017
I cancelled my sky today as I finished my 60% off deal and
they couldn’t get near anything as good - does anyone know how long it might
take them to offer me a “come back” better offer? Last time I think it was
minutes before it popped up on my phone app but nothing so far…..
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I don’t even think they do the chasing anymore, do they? I’m sure I read that on here somewhere.

I cancelled my Sky in April in favour of Netflix, Prime TV amongst others and haven’t heard a thing from Sky.
Get your Mrs to sign up if there's any decent new customer deals.
Threaten to cancel got me the best bundle for £15pm
I cancelled sky. Had a few phone calls and a letter over the next couple of weeks. Ended up getting it for half price for a year for tv. Could not get a better deal internet wise from them so moved to bt with quidco and cash back which worked out cheaper over the year.
I cancelled after years with Sky, never queried or hagled, they never offered a single deal.... don't bank on them throwing offers at you!
Last time I cancelled I heard nothing from them at all with any offers to get me back.
Wait 3 weeks and ring them back up. Ask for 60%+ off and £100 credit (say your friend/family member got it).
you need to keep an eye on this thread, play the game and see whats on offer on here, there is a mention of a 60% offer so log on to your sky and you will see a offer at the bottom of the page, its probably 60% webchat on the link and see what you can get,…162
Thanks all. Sounds like a really mixed bag of experiences!
I had a great deal last year, £58 a month for skyq, all channels, multiroom , line rental and fibre broadband.
dea due to finish at the end of this month, I phoned them to cancel at the end of August and ask if any deals and told no deals available.
Went onto chat and advised the best best they could do was £94 a month which I declined.
i received an email and a letter last week to say that basically they will renew my contract for 12 months at the same cost.

happy with that
RiverDragon84 h, 3 m ago

Wait 3 weeks and ring them back up. Ask for 60%+ off and £100 credit (say …Wait 3 weeks and ring them back up. Ask for 60%+ off and £100 credit (say your friend/family member got it).


although I usually just contact them on chat 10 minutes after cancelling, last worked a couple of weeks ago for a family member
Cancelled a couple of months ago, did not hear from them, to be honest I have not missed having 500 channels and not finding anything to watch 😁
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