Cancelling Sky Europe Flights:

Found 10th Jul 2008
Looking to book a cheap flight but just wondering if I don't turn up or cancel will there be a fee to pay? I have often used Ryanair and not been able to make it and never had to pay fees.

Many thaks
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no, why would there be a fee?
You wouldn't pay a fee you would lose all the money you had paid for the flight
try looking at their t&cs
How did you get away with not paying for booked ryanair flights? I thought they were like first choice, easyjet etc where you lose all your money if you cancel.
I was just under the impression that I would have to pay an additional penalty for not taking the flights.

Thanks for your help guys
Many people book £1 flights or "free cruises" and never turn up........sometimes denying others the opportunity of taking up the offer............if you dont turn up the provider incurs losses,eg,sales on board,sometimes the provider has to pay airport taxes in advance and loses the chance of reselling the its a good question to ask if the provider may chase you for lost profit.................remember this.........if you book a cheap quick return ticket on dover/calais and you dont turn up for the return they can charge your card for a full price one way ticket.............and another a cheap fly-drive to the usa then dont pick up the will be charged for all the lost profit from the car rental and the holiday provider..........its all in the small print.......................
The car rental company stands to make a good extra profit from extra cdw insurance,upgrade fees,child seats,extra drivers...and so on...and all this is lost if you dont collect the car
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