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Posted 15th Sep 2010
Hi all

Can anyone help on this little problem

Mate got Sky in flat about 6 months ago, and now has spilt up with his OH (thats another story!), but since the split, is now having to live off £50 per week, £10 of which needs to go towards rent, leaving him with £40 for food/mobile/sky etc and is currently in arrears for his rent.

Now he's not the brighest button in the box and if you ask me he has his priorities all wrong but thats not my problem.

What are his chances (slim, im guessing), at getting out of the current 12 month (6 month left to run) SKY contract as he just can't afford anything?

He's went from contact to PAYG mobile (needs a phone and doesnt have a landline),
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how much is he paying sky?

how much is he paying sky?

iirc, about £24 a month (for TV only with HD/+ box - no phone or BB)
They might let him downgrade his account or even let him cancel if he fully explains the situation, but he should have all the complete information infront of him like contract details, exactly how much money he has each week and several suggestions such as downgrading the account or maybe a freesat account as they will probably be more willing to help someone who is willing go help themselves.
I think he said £24 was the lowest he could pay when he took contract out? Guessing thats due to the HD Box? Not sure tbh.

He looks for work every day mate - do you think he really wants to be signing on every week (he even walks to jobcentre/shops as he cant even afford bus fare - which I find disappointing). I just said i'd ask for advice on here, as they are some knowledge/nice people willing to give sound advice/support

op - not a solution but could he sell the hd box to cover at least some … op - not a solution but could he sell the hd box to cover at least some of the contract?

lOl, ooh and then hes paying £21 for nothing eh? tell him to get a job delivering leaflets, newspapers and such
I would guess the answer is no, not without incurring charges which would most likely be higher than paying for the remaining months, if he had free installation or cheap installation for example as part of the deal he would have to pay the full installation cost, my advice would be to ring them, explain the situation, tell them the dd is going to be returned, can they please help, failing that get the letter written and ready to send and give 30 days notice as soon as he enters his 11 month, only other option is if he can get someone else to take it on and have it transferred to another address, think this incurs a fee too but less than cancellation, it would have to remain in his name though.

Not surprisingly I cannot find anything on their website, I even went through the process of submitting an order, it just states that min contract is 12 months but does not state penalty for cancellation, he is going to have to ring them to find out.
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By ringing SKY and explaining the issue with the debt etc, they will possibly work something out with your friend. It is always best to contact them and work something out than ignore them and dont pay. I doubt very much they will let your friend out of the contract though to be honest.
Call Sky > Downgrade to cheapest package there is > give notice to cancel entire contract, he should recieve a bill for what is owed for the rest of the contractual 12months, he pays it off voila.

I don't see why any extra incurring charges would be made if he pays off his contract.

I suggest making a list of what money is coming and what is going out and using something like:

To ensure you aren't living beyond your means.

Also check:
and your local council website

To see what benefits you can apply for as soon as possible.

If you ignore them, don't pay, they will eventually just end up getting a debt collectors after you and could negatively affect your credit score, no point and ends up just costing more.
cheers Schizoboy.. will let him know
As you've already said he has no land line. Therefore he has already broken his sky contract. Ring them up tell them to come collect the box and dish.
as far as i know, SKY know of this, as the place he's living is a self contained Bedsit come Flat and the LL never had BT / Virgin Phone point installed
I had this problem when I left my ex. He needs to contact sky and terminate the contract. They will then send him a bill for the remaining contract. As he is out of work they can not demand more than £5 PW to pay off the debt. The only problem is it will strike against his credit rating.
its not much more per month tbh - just another £4
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