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Found 19th Nov 2017
Hi, I have just sold my tickets, however i was wondering if I report a problem within the 48hours do i get charged by Viagogo? I was unaware that the payment isn't made until after the event. I bought the tickets by mistake and am only selling them for the same amount i paid to get my money back as i then purchased the correct tickets. I can't afford to be out the money for the two sets of tickets as the event isn't until 2019, and just wanted to get the value for the tickets and sell them immediately. I understand Viagogo's terms and conditions however I have not confirmed the sale yet.
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At this stage, do not confirm the sale until you get a more definitive answer from someone on here. Once you confirm the sale there is no way to back out, you must either go through with the sale and accept payment after the event or have to pay a time wasters fee. Even if you remove your credit card details etc, they will issue with an invoice for unpaid fees.
@dxx can you help op out with this one please, as you've helped others in the past re Viagogo questions.
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I don't mind having to pay a time waster fee.

I just don't want to pay the difference for a replacement ticket.
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